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About Ignite Canada

Who we are

Where it all started

Coach Charles and Coach Michelle started the Ignite program with their family in mind. With their daughter and two sons starting basketball early through the WMBA and its Steve Nash basketball program, it became clear that their kids could compete at a higher level. So, with proven success in the WMBA league and with the growing, club-basketball community in Winnipeg, Charles and Michelle decided to establish Ignite for both their kids and other kids from the southwest Winnipeg area. 


Starting in 2014, it was just the 2003 girls team. In early 2015, the 2004 boys were introduced with the 2005 boys by the end of that year. Within this short time frame, Ignite is now known to have diverse teams with developing, well-rounded players that has lead to team success. Ignite is one of the top club basketball programs in Winnipeg.

A player's program

We run a player's program where we strive to get better each day. We want our players to feel that they are a part of something bigger and to play for each other. To achieve this, we emphasize both fundamental basketball skills for player development and team concepts that develop versatile players.

During the season, most of our practices are in the southwest part of Winnipeg. As a result, most of our players live in this area and it's common for teammates to go to school with each other. That said, on occasion, we welcome players from outside our area to join our teams. 


In the off-season and during spring break, we focus on strength and conditioning in addition to skill development for our players. This is to prepare themselves to be successful for the upcoming fall/winter and spring/summer seasons, respectively.

Outside of Ignite basketball, we often support and cheer for each other during the school basketball season.

To join our program, look for our tryout information or feel free to contact us with your questions.

Where we practice

Our teams practice 2-3 times per week in various gyms in the southwest Winnipeg area.


The cost per player varies each season as there are a number of variable costs to consider including, but not limited to, the following:

  • leagues available for teams and possible year-over-year fee changes (e.g., MBL for Grade 9+ girls, ABL for Grade 5-8 boys and girls, Peg City YBL for Grade 9+ boys);

  • local tournaments attending for each teams and possible year-over-year, tournament fee changes;

  • the number of out-of-town tournaments attending where travel and accommodation costs would be in addition;

  • changes to roster size impact shared costs (e.g., players may not attend tournaments due to injuries); and 

  • if the player has existing team gear (e.g., jersey, shorts) that can be used for the season (Note: Jerseys and shorts change every 2-3 years as needed and is paid as a one-time fee).

That said, whatever the cost may be, each season we usually include:

  • team gear including jersey, shorts, hoodie, sweats, warm-up shirt,

  • summer training camp,

  • team practices 2-3 times per week,

  • fall/winter league,
  • spring league (if available),

  • 4-7 tournaments, and 

  • team insurance via Basketball Manitoba.

Optional training opportunities that are in addition to team fees include:

  • spring break camp (limited spots available with priority for Ignite players) and

  • individual shooting sessions in the summer.

Team gear

Whether you represent the team on the court or in the stands, we have hoodies and t-shirts available for sale.

How to reach us

Email us You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

A player's progrm
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