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Growth powered by volunteers

Ignite is a volunteer-based program where our parents, family and friends contribute their time to coach, organize team events and support our players. Established in 2014 and operating in southwest Winnipeg, Ignite continues to grow. Every season so far, we have added one team to the program and we now have four teams with 40+ players as of May 2018. This amounts to 150+ games each season.

How you help
Through sponsorship, your contributions go towards keeping our sport affordable for kids every season by:

  • reducing league and tournament fees,

  • reducing the cost of team gear, and 

  • purchasing basketball equipment.

Where we promote your business

We work with you on how we can promote your business in exchange with your involvement. We will promote your business on our website and social media and discuss the possibility of advertising on our team gear.

Join the team

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